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A toxic person is someone who is harmful or detrimental to your emotional and psychological wellbeing. We become like the people we are around most. For a generally happy and well-rounded person, these toxic relationships can seed self-doubt and negativity. It can happen so slowly over time, so that it becomes difficult to notice the impact on emotions and self-esteem. By noticing how you regularly feel when you are with the people around you and what thoughts and emotions are left after you are no longer with them, will give you an idea about whether the relationship harmful or enhancing.You can protect yourself by developing a greater awareness of these emotional patterns and make choices of friendship that help you create the life you envisage. Understand that you deserve kindness and people who accept you as you are, people who allow you room to grow and support your dreams and aspirations. Being around kind, caring, fun loving people is key for overcoming life obstacles and setting up a happy and healthy mindset.

The quality of our friendships and relationships often reflect how we subconsciously feel about ourselves. By improving how we feel about ourselves, being kinder, having greater compassion and care for ourselves then we are able to bring this to our friendships. Take the time to discern people who share common interests and are good for your self-esteem. Notice how you feel with people and be conscious of steering the emotional connection in a direction that is mutually agreeable and enjoyable. Give time and attention to the relationships that you would like to develop and allow yourself a level of vulnerability with the people you trust.Surround yourself in people who are generally positive and who you share mutual respect.

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship then it is important to ask yourself what is your investment in this relationship. At some level every relationship we have is our choice. Kindly enquire with yourself if there a payoff for you to put yourself in this situation ? Is the relationship validating some negative thinking you have about yourself? Is it igniting some familiar emotional patterns that you recognise from your own history? When you make new decisions about what you deserve, and change some of that negative self belief , you will find that more positive friendships become more interesting and engaging. It can be scary changing relationships however the effort is well worth the final outcomes. Our social world makes a huge difference to how our life unfolds, so surrounding yourself in positive and uplifting people causes a spiral upwards effect.